The rules have changed. Junk mail is not good. You must now specifically e-mail one of us. Hopefully this will keep them at bay.

Can you believe all the junk mail you get just by putting up an e-mail address on your web page? Since you are taking the time to read this, we'll tell you how you can contact us.

  1. Pick one of our sanctioned words.
  2. Put an "at" symbol after the word. If you do not know what that is, maybe one of these other terms used to refer to it will ring a bell: strudel, vortex, whorl, whirlpool, cyclone, snail, ape, cat, rose, cabbage, amphora, commercial at. Or perhaps you need to see what we mean.
  3. Put a "punkly" after that.
  4. Put a dot after that.
  5. Put a "com" after that.
  6. Now you have an e-mail address in the format that you would expect. Place that text string in the "To:" box.
  7. Write your message and send it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope this cuts down on the spam. Peace out.

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