a hard know to think.

08 Dec 2004

my most perfect day, for future reference.

preferences on this file still set to write

wake up late (9:30), banana chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, strong coffee that does not upset my stomach, a casual outfit which is miraculously flattering, playtime with J who poops regularly but is miraculously self-cleaning, an outdoor adventure and I remember to bring the camera (and film) (and the camera battery isn't dead), a stop at an awesome but geographically unfortunate garage sale where I find traditional but quirky item, owner parts with item at decent price due to geographic misfortune and late hour, item is actually small enough to fit into our house, more playtime with J, J gets tired and allows me to snuggle with him as he falls asleep, (ahem) private time with Marc, J awakens for one last quick snuggle before bed, late dinner of fries (doubly fried) and chocolate milkshake, I collapse and sleep the whole night without interruption.

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