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20041019: He's really, really trying to crawl.
20040920: J is transfixed by the light.
20040911: Did someone say, "Robot Pajamas?"
20040903: Eating like a champion.
20040825: Chillin', playin', eatin', stickin' fingers in his mouth.
20040809: We eat at last.
20040805: Chillin', playin', stickin' fingers in his mouth.
20040731: First Ferry ride. First visit to a vineyard. First engagement party.
20040728: J started yanking toys off his baby gym.
20040727: We buy a house. J gets a bath and sleeps with the fishes.
20040725: J takes his chances at Mohegan Sun.
20040719: Burpcloth Shenanigans.
20040717: Carolyn and Jack get married. J stays in his first hotel room.
20040704: Week 14. J sits alone, hugs a blanket, and eats Grover.
20040626: Garage Sale. J meets Great (Pretty Good) Aunt Sue.
20040624: Week 13. J tries to eat Dad's face.
20040619: Father's Day.
20040617: J learns to stand.
20040611: New house. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.
20040606: Week 9. Two-week Charlie meets his maker.
20040529: Karen visits.
20040528: Week 8. Death to the swaddle.
20040522: J dresses as the Pie-man and Nick visits.
20040521: Week 7. We dress alike. J discovers his reflection.
20040516: Albany. J meets Magic Nana.
20040515: Aunt Diane graduates.
20040513: Week 6. It all leads up to the duck robe.
20040508: Mother's Day.
20040507: Week 5. Smiling. Sleeping. And a Mao shirt.
20040430: Week 4. J enjoys his first belly button, his first bottle, his first Ramones hat, and his first use as a lap napkin.
20040424: J with new friends.
20040424: J in overalls.
20040421: Giraffe beatdown. J makes a friend, and beats him down.
20040417: Give me the damn binky.
20040414: J hides.
20040414: J with Dad.
20040413: J with Mom.
20040413: J couture.
20040407: First walk. A family leaves the house. The baby sleeps.
20040405: First bath. There is screaming and then there is silence.
20040404: Misc J. The baby is small + cute. A small, cute nose-eater.
20040401: It's my birthday too, yeah.
20040401: You say it's your birthday.